Kwame Onwuachi Made It Far On 'Top Chef' Before His Career Sky-Rocketed

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Kwame Onwuachi Made It Far On 'Top Chef' Before His Career Sky-Rocketed

On Monday night, we got the second episode of Summer House Season 6 and with it, we got more Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke problems, some violence against Andrea Denver, and in a sweet moment, we got the chance to learn a little more about newbie Mya Allen and her break up with former Top Chef contestant Kwame Onwuachi.

Now, if you landed on this article it's because you, like me, 1) love Summer House and 2) need answers about Kwame. We love our Montauk Bravo queens and need to know all about them, so when Mya admitted she lived in the shadow of her ex, we all need to know just how bright his light was in order to block hers.

Turns out, pretty bright!

Kwame came in sixth on Season 13 of Top Chef, which took place in California. It aired in 2015 and the winner of the season was Jeremy Ford, who was notably from Florida. (Amar, Isaac, Marjorie, and Carl came in second, third, fourth, and fifth.)

Mya says she and Kwame met when she was 23 and since she's 29 now, it means they met six years ago, which was 2015. Unclear if they met before or after his time on Top Chef, but we do know that they were engaged in August of 2016. Since then, Kwame has been named Rising Star Chef Of The Year in 2019 by the James Beard Award, and Esquire named his restaurant Kith/Kin as one of the best new restaurants in American in 2019, too. His memoir, Notes From A Young Black Chef came out that year, as well.

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