Gilmore Girl references in This Is Us

When I saw that This Is Us was bringing Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore together, it took me back to when those two were so prominent in pop culture during my childhood. This is for those who are both fans of This Is Us and Gilmore Girls. Especially if you are Team Jess. Now that This Is Us is wrapping up the series I wanted to point out the references that TIU made to GG.

- Second season, Tobey makes a joke at a party where he says "I'm still going to be at this party trying to bang a Gilmore Girl," then Kate says "Go for both," and Toby says "The Gilmore the Gil-merrier," 

- Actually in last week’s episode where it’s revealed that Kevin kept the Valentine that Sophie gave him when they were children in his wallet, it’s similar to when Lorelai wrote a fake horoscope that she gave Luke he kept for eight years in his wallet and was revealed on their first real date. 

- Usually when you look up Jess online you see him in the classic jean jacket, in some of the most important flashbacks on This Is Us Jack Pearson is wearing a jean jacket.

It just feels like Jack is just an older version of Jess in This Is Us. He is extremely smart, he appreciates the classics, he is protective but the This Is Us version of Jess is one who grew up to be a hard worker — something Jess could’ve worked on in GG

Anyways that’s just off the top of my head