The End Of 'The Woman In The House' Features Glenn Close & A New Mystery

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The End Of 'The Woman In The House' Features Glenn Close & A New Mystery

WARNING: Major spoilers for the finale of Netflix’s The Woman in the House Across the Street. You’ve been warned. (That sounded ominous, but it’s really just preventative measures so I don’t get hate mail from you.)

You’d think a fight to the death with an eight year old girl after discovering she murdered everyone in her immediate circle (and thensome) would be the biggest WTF moment in someone’s life, but the final scene of The Woman in the House proves that murder does not take a vacation.

After boarding a flight to a girl’s weekend in New York, Anna finds that she accidentally took the wrong seat after a mysterious — yet fabulous — woman (played by GLENN CLOSE!) informs her that 2A is actually her seat. More on this in a bit, but let’s get to the pressing matters first: this woman needs to be cast in the next season of RHONY (give her Ramona’s spot!) because just looking at her makes me feel terrible about all of my life choices. She is dripping with money; she’s not wearing one article of clothing that’s not made of leather, and her accessories of choice are a striking gold compact and pearls dangling from anywhere you can hang them.

Anna asks why she’s headed to New York, to which she responds with a chilling and direct, “business.” She can see that this conversation is going nowhere, so Anna finishes her vodka and takes a nap (AKA, passes out). When she wakes, she totters to the bathroom to find the woman in 2A dead with blood dripping down her face. By the time she and the flight attendant return, the woman is missing, and Anna is informed “there was no woman in seat 2A.” That would be fine except when Anna returns to her seat, she finds the gold compact. (I would just sell it, honestly. It’s owned by a woman who “doesn’t exist,” so clearly nobody is looking for it, but that probably says more about me than Anna.)

We know Anna is not our most reliable narrator, but also she put in more work investigating the murder on her street than the detectives on the case, so maybe we should believe her over the flight attendant? Let’s dig in to why this is probably actually happening.


Season one’s mystery mirrors The Woman in the Window, and if we are to take any hints away from the book Anna is reading on the plane, The Girl on the Cruise seems strikingly familiar to The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. In the book, the main character wakes up in the middle of the night to witness a body thrown overboard from the cabin next door — a cabin, it turns out, that no one has checked into, and the captain’s log shows no sign of a missing passenger. After being gaslit for the entire book, we find that our leading lady did witness a murder and that those on the boat staff were going out of their way to cover it up.

Also, Anna’s book is written by Patrick King, an obvious easter egg pointing towards Sex and the City writer, Michael Patrick King. If this is an actual murder we’re dealing with, it’s clear that a Peloton is behind this. (Too soon?)


To ease her mind about flying, Anna mixes a Xanax (or two) with a vodka drink (or three). I can understand why you’d think this makes her erroneous, but we shouldn’t write her off. Mixing Xanax and alcohol does not typically cause hallucinations; I know because I turned to the most trusted medical journal: webMD.

But really, think about it — besides seeing her dead daughter occasionally, mixing her medication with alcohol didn’t cause Anna too much trouble in the past. Sure, a few questionable memories may have convinced herself she brutally murdered a woman, but is that so bad? At least she wasn’t mixing her alcohol with bath salts. Better to think you did it than to actually have done it, I say.


If we’re going to get a Season 2, we’ll need a mystery to follow, and I’d say that is exactly what we have with this set-up. Why bring Glenn Close on to your project to not follow up and flesh it out? Of course, it could just be a button at the end of (I repeat) a truly insane finale, but my heart tells me it’s more.

We do love a cameo, but what we’d love even more is for the full Season 2 mystery to revolve around Glenn Close, who, somehow in one line was able to give us a mash-up of all of her greatest unhinged work: Fatal Attraction, Damages, and a spot (see what I did there?) of Cruella DeVil.

There may be a few reasons to not take Anna’s word, but I believe her. She single-handedly stumbled upon, and solved, one mystery in her lifetime; what’s one more? The biggest mystery here, though, is if the series returns for a second season, will it keep the same title, or will we be tuning in to The Girl On the Plane In the Seat Next to the Woman In Seat 2A?

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