I Give Shane & Rachel A Month

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I Give Shane & Rachel A Month

So the best way to save a new marriage is to accidentally kill the hotel manager you've feuded with throughout your honeymoon? Who knew? Rachel and Shane's The White Lotus ending may have exposed manslaughter as the key to happy relationships. Or not. Personally, I give it a month.

Rachel, honey, if you have to promise your "man baby" husband — who, again, started a honeymoon-long feud with a hotel manager that ended in his death — that you're going to be happy, then you will not be happy. There's just no saving this. You might hang in there for a little while. Shane's douchebaggery might lessen a bit thanks to the shock to his conscience, and you might feel good because he needs you to help him through the aftermath of Armond's death, but "happy" just isn't in the cards here. You might tolerate Shane for a month or even a few years, but in the end, Rachel, you're going to end up right back where you started: dumping a petulant man child in some over-priced hotel room.

Image: Mario Perez/HBO

And if we're lucky, we might just get a front row seat to Rachel and. Shane's inevitable demise as a couple. The White Lotus has officially been picked up for a Season 2, and while it will reportedly focus on a new White Lotus hotel somewhere else in the world, with brand new staff and guests, showrunner Mike White hinted that Rachel and Shane might return. In a post-season finale interview with Vulture, the writer-director said that he understood Rachel, saying, "She already married him! They had the wedding. I can see how you'd just be like, 'No, never mind, I don't want to have to unravel this.' It'd be interesting to come back and revisit them down the road and see what happens."

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