Did Quinn Win 'The White Lotus' Season Finale?

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Did Quinn Win 'The White Lotus' Season Finale?

There didn't necessarily need to be "winners" and "losers" in the Season 1 finale of The White Lotus. Spoilers ahead. But there were absolutely some clear-cut losers — Kai, Belinda, Armond (RIP). On the other side of the spectrum? Well, Quinn is the winner of The White Lotus. As the only guest to appreciate the natural beauty and culture of Hawaii during his stay, he figuratively and literally escaped the lifestyle of his parents. And to that I say, Row free, young Quinn!

When we met Quinn, he was a screen-addicted, porn-obsessed 16-year-old boy with a mother who worried that he would be discriminated against for being straight, white, and male. Things looked dire. Was The White Lotus going to be Quinn's Joker villain backstory? About how his sister making him sleep in a windowless galley kitchen and his dad talking about his sex life would inevitably turn him into a menace to society? And who could blame him? After all, those straight, white, young men need our sympathy!

But Quinn being relegated to sleep on the sand had a life-changing effect on him. Even before he met the Hawaiian rowers, I felt a glimmer of hope that this kid would be all right when he was in awe of the whale surfacing at the end of Episode 2, "New Day." That brush with the animal kingdom didn't immediately change him as he was pretty disturbed when the waves washed away his cellphone, Nintendo, and iPad. But when he was forcibly removed from his technological comforts, he could recognize the environment that surrounded him. In the finale, he was a far cry from the boy who carried his Nintendo Switch to the swim-up bar at the infinity-edge pool to eat nachos, ignoring the glorious view of the mountains behind him.

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