Nick and Vanessa Lachey believe in science

The fact that the Lacheys have found weird relevance in niche Reality TV where psychological warfare is disguised as scientific experiments proves that we are officially living in a simulation.

But, I am a trash person so I can't stop watching their convoluted torture games. Love is Blind was weird enough, but they really upped the ante with The Ultimatum.

I can't wait to see what these two evil masterminds come up with next.

Will there be a casual baby exchange next season? Maybe a house full of real people looking for love.... with one secret robot person, programmed to just straight up ruin lives? Perhaps a call back to Nick's former life, before he hosted our version of the Hunger Games, where everyone has to live in a house where the thermostat is stuck at 98 degrees.

Honestly, the sky is the limit.

What Nefarious Netflix show would YOU like to see next?