Men We Love But Shouldn't: Jim Halpert

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Men We Love But Shouldn't: Jim Halpert

Okay, calm down. I know he is one of the most beloved characters on television, but, to put it plainly: he fucking sucks. James "Jim" Halpert is not all that and a bag of Herr's Salt & Vinegar chips, you guys. I think because he was seemingly the best-looking person under the fluorescent lighting at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch, it has everyone all confused.

When we first met Jim James (not his official name, but the name I refer to him by), he was boyish and I got the charm... sort of. He was the one that everyone related to while watching the show. He was the one who brought a ham sandwich to work every day, looked at the camera, and played pranks on Dwight. It was fun and it was fine. Until I realized, Jim James is actually just a dick.

First, let us start with Pam. (Side note: not to layer unpopular opinion on top of unpopular opinion, but I don't love Pam Beasley that much either. She just doesn't do it for me like Michael Scott or Kelly Kapoor, otherwise known as the true pillars of The Office.) In the early years, we thought it was sweet watching him pine for Pam while she was with Roy (who I love TBH). And that got me thinking: why do we love men who pine for women who are in relationships? If the roles were reversed and some co-worker was pining for my man, I'd have to go "Oklahoma on her ass" - Taylor Armstrong.

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