Was The Party Planning Committee On 'The Office' Good Or Evil?

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Was The Party Planning Committee On 'The Office' Good Or Evil?

We love to hate them... or is it hate to love them? Built on exclusivity, manipulation, and betrayal, The Office's Party Planning Committee, or the PPC for short, is in charge of all social functions at Dunder Mifflin Scranton and they do not take their job lightly. So much so that the drama in these meeting and events could be the premise of an entire series in itself (...can anyone say spinoff?). The dynamic between Angela and Phyllis alone is enough to make us laugh endlessly. Even with that, I can't decide if the PPC was the best, or the worst.

To make sure we are all on the same page here about what is the "best" and what is the "worst", I wanted to level set. According to Oxford Languages, these terms are defined as:

The best (noun): that which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable.

The worst (noun): the most serious or unpleasant thing that could happen.

This will be the standard at which we are analyzing the PPC.

The Argument For The Best

The Time Suck

One of the biggest benefits of the PPC is that you get paid to basically waste time. (I use to work retail, and if I was given a special task, such as go organize the leggings in the back room, you bet I would milk every second it.) The amount of hours that would go into these planning sessions, let alone getting sent out to run errands on company dime — which is the dream — is truly impressive. This is definitely a win for the PPC in my book.

It's Exclusive

I love the exclusivity of it. Don't get me wrong, I can do without the condescension and demeaning nature, but getting into the PPC feels like you got an invite into Soho House. They need the best of the best to plan some of the most exclusive holiday parties (not counting the Benihana one), and knowing that only a few are selected to plan those events makes you want to be apart of it even more.

(On the flip side, when you do land a coveted spot on the PPC, it feels like your place has been cemented there at the Scranton Branch... even though you can be kicked off just as easily. RIP Karen Filippelli.)

The Food & Drinks

Image: NBC

Without fail, you can find me where the snacks are. I have literally been to events where I am loitering outside the kitchen door to be the first person in the line of fire for the passed hors d'oeuvres. While some parties are more extravagant than others, the PPC does provide food and drinks. At the minimum, there is always cake. Plus, Michael usually ups the budget so they can buy a bunch of booze.

The Argument For Bad

Angela's Shade

Image: NBC

The PPC is not for the faint of heart. The shade is real. Angela Martin would kill it on Rupaul's Drag Race with the amount she reads the other committee members. Some of her best (...or worst) lines are as follows:

Angela: I think green is kind of whorish. (Season 1, Episode 4)
Angela: Phyllis, I need you to pick up green streamers at lunch. Phyllis: I thought you said green was whorish. Angela: (looks at Phyllis wearing an orange blouse) No, orange is whorish. (Season 3, Episode 10)

Phyllis' Reign

Image: NBC

But let's not forget about the Phyllis Vance Era. Being the manager of the PPC is the definition of letting power get to you head, and this power dynamic shift was chef's kiss. All in all, Phyllis is the sweetest lady... until you get on her bad side. And then she can dish it out better than handing out slices of erotic cake.

Phyllis: Yes, uh, I've replaced Angela as head of the Party Planning Committee...I guess I was just in the right place at the right time. (Season 5, Episode 1)
Phyllis: Angela, you're going to move this for the party right? It's not on theme. Angela: It's the nativity scene. Phyllis: Alright... you can keep the camel, sheep, elephant, and the North African King can stay...everything else, goes in the drawer. (Season 5, Episode 11).

The High Standard

Having a bad day on the PPC isn't allowed. The team gets shit done, but you always have to bring your A-game. Jim and Dwight's party decorations for Kelly's birthday would not last a day in the Angela/Phyllis led party planning committee.

Image: NBC

At the end of the day, my main measurement of success for any event is if there will be free food and drinks. The PPC definitely has refreshments and Angela's double fudge in its corner. So by that math, the party planning committee is officially The Best.

Image: NBC

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