It's time to decide, once and for all, which episode of The Office is actually the most cringe

Over the course of nine seasons The Office had no shortage of moments so awkward and cringe you'd literally hold your breath until it was over. Whenever I've seen this discussion before, most people point to Scott's Tots and Dinner Party as the most cringe-worthy episodes, and it's hard to disagree.

Scott's Tots isn't just awkward, it actively makes Michael a villain because what he did is legitimately messed up! Dinner Party is certainly uncomfortable, too, and I'd argue it's the most claustrophobic episode of the series.

But for me, no episode makes me more anxious or upset than Phyllis' Wedding. There's just an array of moments that make me feel terrible, from Pam getting back together with Roy to Dwight losing Uncle Al and putting his life in danger.

But I just can never get past how unnecessarily cruel Michael is to Phyllis on her wedding day. He makes a big scene walking down the aisle, continually says awful things about her, and then gives an utterly horrifying speech at the reception. Michael always treats Phyllis like her entire being is his worst nightmare realized and for him to make that known throughout her wedding day just makes me so deeply uncomfortable.

So, what's your pick for the most cringe episode of The Office?