I Watched, Reviewed, And Ranked All 72 Musical Moments In 'The Office'

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I Watched, Reviewed, And Ranked All 72 Musical Moments In 'The Office'

As someone with a musical theatre degree, I love any moment in a television show when characters just start to sing out of nowhere. And musical episodes a la Grey's Anatomy Season 7? I controversially support those episodes. (Yes, they make you cringe but have you ever listened to "Chasing Cars" the same way since watching Callie sing while walking through the halls of the hospital as an almost-ghost? That's moving.)

While the The Office never had an entire musical episode, something I wholeheartedly believe we were robbed of, it did have plenty of singing moments. And by plenty I mean they are literally always singing. I started this journey naively thinking we'd get to 20 or so musical/singing moments throughout the series. Well, I was wrong. Buckle up friends, because there are 72 singing and/or musical moments in The Office, and I've gone through and ranked them all.

72. "With Grateful Hearts Our Faith Professing" (Season 7, Episode 7)

This traditional hymn is heard during Cece's christening. Michael is devastated that he is not her Godfather.

71. "Little Drummer Boy" (Season 1, Episode 1)

Dwight starts us off in the pilot episode singing this iconic Christmas song to himself. And no, it is not Christmas. Points off for timeliness.

70. "Closer To Fine" (Season 3, Episode 6)

You will see Andy Bernard a lot of this list. That is because not only does Andy loves to sing, but he (aka Ed Helms) plays multiple instruments. In this moment, Andy and Jim drunkenly sing The Indigo Girls annoying Karen as the Stamford branch works late. It's fun, but the effort is drunk-at-the-office at best, which doesn't earn it a top spot.

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