7 Clues About The Linen Man On 'The Irregulars' You May Have Missed

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7 Clues About The Linen Man On 'The Irregulars' You May Have Missed

Should you ever trust a man who dresses like Colonel Sanders? Personally, I feel the answer to that question is an easy no, but Jessie takes her sweet time coming to the same conclusion on The Irregulars. From the moment he shows up in the premiere, The Linen Man is basically screaming "I'm evil," but alas, after months of feeling like she's slowly going insane due to her vivid nightmares, Bea's little sister is primed to trust anyone who doesn't think she's losing her mind.

Spoilers for The Irregulars Season 1 follow.

However, Jessie's willingness to trust in a mysterious man with no name who appears in her dreams isn't an indication that viewers should do the same. It's quite the opposite in fact. Right from the start, The Irregulars drops several clues that The Linen Man is up to no good, and I'm not just talking about his thoroughly creepy moniker.

From his association with white moths to the very first words that come out of his mouth, The Linen Man makes it clear he has an ulterior motive for visiting Jessie's nightmares. Let's take a look back at all the times Jessie should have listened to the wise words of Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost: "You in danger, girl."

1. The First Thing The Linen Man Says Is He's Not A Murderer

Introducing yourself as "not a murderer" is basically declaring you are, in fact, a murderer. It's also an extremely unsettling thing to start shouting at someone in their dreams. Even though The Irregulars is set more than 100 years before A Nightmare on Elm Street is released, the Freddy Krueger vibes are too real to ignore.

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