WE WERE WRONG ABOUT HEIDI & SPENCER And Other 'Hills' Re-watch Revelations

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WE WERE WRONG ABOUT HEIDI & SPENCER And Other 'Hills' Re-watch Revelations

Recently, I've been rewatching The Hills and let me say, it is really something to behold as a 28-year-old who is now very well-versed in the Reality Television Arts and Sciences. Because when I was watching this as young little cherub in middle school and high school, I was not yet the scholar I am today when it comes to the ins and outs of reality TV, nor did I have any life experience. Like, any.

Let's just say, time and truth tells all.

So, as my prestigious degree demands, I have compiled a list of all the things I realized, learned, and said “what the fuck” to while I re-watched The Hills.


OK, so the all-caps is very aggressive, but it has to be said. Because listen, if we had been watching The Hills back in 2008 through the same lens we view reality TV characters now, in 2021, Speidi wouldn’t be hated at all – they would celebrated as "the villains."

(BTW, I still remember where I was when Chelsea Handler banned herself and her panel from discussing Speidi on her late-night show. Iconic.)

And honestly, Heidi and Spencer really are soulmates. Spencer is a douche canoe at times but he would do anything for his girl and I love that. They really seem to have good communication and a respect for one another, even in the little moments. And truthfully, they seem to just laugh a lot together even when they're fighting. I think I might be a Speidi convert.

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