Your Official Ranking Of The Most Toxic Relationships On 'The Hills' & 'Laguna'

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Your Official Ranking Of The Most Toxic Relationships On 'The Hills' & 'Laguna'

When it comes to the Laguna Beach/Hills-verse, the only thing more toxic than Jason Wahler's facial hair were the relationships. The cast – at times made up of teenagers in high school, which is worth keeping in mind – was all over the place with the ups and downs of looOooOve. One minute, a couple is snuggling next to a beach bonfire and the next, they're setting their lives aflame with cheating and drug abuse allegations. Ah, young stars on reality TV love! So pure. So toxic.

Here are the top 5 most toxic couples on The Hills and Laguna, ranked.

5. Spencer & Heidi

Image: MTV

Now, I know that some people may disagree with me on this since they’re still a very married couple. And happily, so they claim. But just because they’ve been able to make it as a couple for so long doesn’t mean they weren’t toxic on their journey to the present. Lauren often accused Spencer of isolating Heidi from her friends and family. Darlene, Heidi’s mom, constantly complained that Spencer was manipulative and changed her for the worst. Audrina even got in on the fight, saying Heidi was brainwashed by Spencer.

Wait, so maybe Spencer is just the toxic half of this relationship. Anyway, the couple have continued to maintain that all of their fights were staged and that they’ve never really fought or spent more than three days apart. Codependency is also a form of toxicity; just saying.

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