Who Is The Power Broker On 'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' & Why Is It Definitely Sharon Carter?

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Who Is The Power Broker On 'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' & Why Is It Definitely Sharon Carter?

There is no shortage of potential villains in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. There's the new Captain America, the U.S. government, the Flag Smashers, and Baron Zemo, but the most nefarious has got to be the Power Broker — the only villain we have yet to actually see in the flesh. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Power Broker theories are everywhere online, especially after Episode 3 "Power Broker" identified them as a major player.

In Episode 3, Sam and Bucky learned that the mysterious Power Broker was responsible for the reappearance of the super soldier serum in Madripoor. Though the Power Broker didn't give the serum to the Flag Smashers, they're indirectly responsible for the new group of super-powered terrorists. And they're an even bigger threat considering they probably have the super soldier serum formula stashed somewhere. So, now that we've established the threat, the first thing Sam and Bucky need to do to take them down is find out who they really are.

Fans already have a ton of theories on who the Power Broker is in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, ranging from characters we know — cough Sharon Carter cough — to those we don't — please, enough with the Mephisto theories. Let's look deeper at the most likely suspects thus far.

Sharon Carter

Image: Marvel Studios/Disney+

So far, Sharon Carter is suspect number one for the Power Broker, and I have to say, Episode 3 definitely hinted in that direction. After feeling the States post-Civil War and surviving as an underground art dealer in Madripoor, it's obvious she's disenchanted with everything Avengers. She thinks super heroes, especially those tied to governments, are a joke, which means she'd have a pretty good motive for making as many super-powered people as possible outside of the super hero factory. What better way to prove that super heroes aren't special than by giving powers to the masses?

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