Missing Lizzie

This week marks the end of my favorite obsession The Dropout! No show has held my attention like this since Mare of Easttown. I am missing Lizzie already. What did everyone think of the finale? I think it may have been the weakest of all the episodes, but I still find Seyfried so thrilling to watch. She completely pulls off the strange tonal ending! I think my one critique would be that I am not sure if the creators had something they really wanted to say about Elizabeth Holmes. It's almost as if the character is still a mystery to them - they could seemingly never decide if she is a master scamstress, girl boss gone bad, or just a woman in search of changing the world. So that left it hard for me to know where to stand with her...I kind of empathized with her towards the end. At least in terms of her relationship to her parents, her clear desire for success, and a need to be loved.

What did everyone think? I need to talk!