Alan Ruck On Playing The Affable Fool You Just Can't Hate

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Alan Ruck On Playing The Affable Fool You Just Can't Hate

There's nothing funny about the scandal that follows Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. Fraud has plagued the CEO and med-tech industry disruptor for years since a 2015 Wall Street Journal article exposed Theranos' machine, The Edison, as bogus. Since then, Holmes has been convicted of fraud, while her colleague, Sunny Balwani, awaits trial.

See? Not funny. But damn, if Alan Ruck's Dr. Jay Rosan, introduced in The Dropout Episode 4, doesn't make you laugh a little bit, right?

Ruck has become well-versed with playing the affable optimist (and perhaps fool) in recent years, most notably his role as Connor Roy in HBO's Succession. So stepping into the role of the vice president of health innovation for Walgreens' and his congenial demeanor wasn't too difficult for the actor.

"I'm fortunate that I work on Succession... it is theoretically a drama, but it is also wickedly funny," Ruck tells The Dipp ahead of The Dropout premiere. "I came straight off the set from Succession into this, and I think a lot of it is the same," he says.

Like Connor Roy, Rosan is looking for the next million dollar — "billion dollar" — idea, so there's also a sense of FOMO that plagues both characters. "Being part of cutting edge technology and being a pioneer and a hero, I think it was very attractive to Jay. Plus there's going to be a lot of money waiting for him in bonuses and stock options."

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