One Of Margaret Thatcher’s Children Went On To Win A Reality TV Show

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One Of Margaret Thatcher’s Children Went On To Win A Reality TV Show

Proving that the royals don't have the monopoly on family dysfunction, episode four of The Crown Season 4, "Favourites," delves into Margaret Thatcher's complicated relationship with her children, twins Mark and Carol Thatcher (played by Freddie Fox and Rebecca Humphries, respectively). On the show, the Iron Lady declares her son, Mark, her favorite child without reservation to the Queen of England, no less. But the truth behind the late prime minister's relationship with her children, and the divergent paths they took in their later lives is even more complicated than it looks on The Crown.

At 67, the Thatcher twins are not only wildly different from each other, their personalities are the polar opposite of what they were in the '80s, at least as depicted on The Crown. On the show, Carol is presented as the dowdy, put upon daughter who is always playing a supporting role alongside her father, Denis, in the grand adventures of her mother and brother's lives. Meanwhile, Mark is an amateur racecar driver whose brief disappearance in the Sahara Desert made headlines and left his mother distraught — although, he's far less worried about his mother's emotional state than he is about making sure she cooked all of his favorite dishes for him upon his return in series creator Peter Morgan's version of events.

These days the twins' roles seem to have been reversed: Carol is a headline-grabbing reality TV star, while alleged shady financial dealings have led to Mark receding from the spotlight.

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