I Watched All The Comic Book Adaptations Of 1952, & Look! It's Supermonkey!

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I Watched All The Comic Book Adaptations Of 1952, & Look! It's Supermonkey!

Joe Heath is a big fan of comic books and watching things in order. So he made this spreadsheet containing every serial, short, film, television episode, commercial, motion comic, and web series based on a comic book. Now he’s watching them all. Previously, Joe watched the last ever comic book serial. This time, he watches the first ever comic book television show.

Adventures of Superman:

After a successful radio series, several animated films, a pair of serials, and a movie, it was now time to bring Superman to television.

Developed for syndication and not for any one particular network, Adventures of Superman was the first-ever television series based on a comic book and aired for six seasons from 1952 to 1958.

Most of the cast and creative team from the previous year's Superman and the Mole Men film carried over to the show, as the movie was specifically made to see if a television series was feasible. This included the two leads, George Reeves as Clark Kent/Superman and Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane.

Would this show be able to adequately explore the sensational spectacle of Superman on a smaller screen?

Let's dive in further to find out.

BUT! Before we begin, I've decided to add a new feature to the proceedings! That's right, I've recorded myself watching these episodes and now you can watch along with me and see my real-time reactions, just as God intended.

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