Toxic Masculinity Finally Killed The 'Big Brother' Alliance

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Toxic Masculinity Finally Killed The 'Big Brother' Alliance

Here we are at Episode 7 of The Challenge, SL&A and finally, we get the dramatic conclusion to last week’s half-episode... another half episode. In fairness to MTV, in exchange for the 20 or so minutes we’re owed they gave us an absolutely drama-packed episode, so I’ll take that.

We pick up mid-fight, immediate post-contact between Fessy’s hand and Josh’s big head. It may have dawned on Fessy that the physical contact of it all could have repercussions for him, because in the moments after production splits them up he seems to retreat out of Josh’s line of fire.

-Josh meanwhile goes full elementary school, literally jumping up and down taunting Fessy that he won’t see a final again. It’s all so beyond childish that it’s almost hard to watch (even with my high tolerance for adults behaving badly from my lifetime of reality TV viewing).

This game runs on male ego a good amount of the time but these two clashing feels particularly unhinged - and all because they couldn’t manage to take the advice of their lady friends and have a conversation? Like, Josh is a softy – one apology out of Fess probably would have squashed this whole thing – but instead we have Josh’s theatrics and screaming, all feeling very punch-a-hole-through-the-dry-wall.

Eventually, high on his own testosterone, Josh attempts to rally everyone to vote Fessy and Esther into elimination. Now, this move by Josh is a lot of things:

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