Amanda & Fessy's Breakup Is So Messy And No One Is Safe

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Amanda & Fessy's Breakup Is So Messy And No One Is Safe

Exactly a month after going Instagram Public, extremely hot but extremely evil Challenge Villain Power Couple Amanda Garcia and Fessy Shafaat have BROKEN UP. Not only did these two end their seemingly committed relationship but the ENTIRE thing played out beautifully before our eyes on social media. Let's dive in.

On October 10, video surfaced on a Challenge fan account of Fessy getting cozy with another woman after a Challenge Mania event in Tampa. Without hesitation, Amanda made her position VERY clear via Twitter:

[rich Embed]

And THIS is why Amanda is a great reality star.

Instead of going radio silent while she parses through this betrayal, or making some vague statement about feeling hurt and confused, she straight up announced that she's dropping him on Twitter in damn-near real-time.

It is my secret hope that Fessy found out he was being dumped via this subtweet at the same time we did, but Amanda seems very much the type to send a WALL of text before blocking him forever, so I'm sure he got a full barrage.

Fessy's only real social media response has been a tweet that is either incredibly self-aware or a hilariously poorly-timed typo: "I just want a women to love me."

[rich Embed]

Yeah Fess, that's like, the whole problem.

Anyway, after quickly sorting through the business of dumping her relatively new mans, Amanda widened her scope to his supposed accomplice: Corey L. He was at the same Challenge Mania event, and according to Amanda, assured her that Fess was behaving.

[rich Embed]

These two ALSO went back and forth on Twitter, with Corey L ultimately using the two pronged defense of:

1. I wasn't watching your dude's every move and

2. I was basically blackout drunk anyway.

It's shaky, but it'll do. Amanda shifts her sights again!

Our Flying Turk Berna made the mistake of chiming in from the sidelines, using emojis to express her love of this free entertainment. Maybe she thought Amanda would be too busy with Corey L. to come for her but alas, she is in full attack mode, firing on all cylinders.

[rich Embed]

Gotta admit, think we've overused the clown and clown-adjacent insults on Berna but I get it, it's low hanging fruit. Whatever.

Unfortunately for us, one post with HIGH potential drama has gone unnoticed by Amanda. Her relatively unknown ex-fiance and father to son, Avonni posted to his (sadly, private) Instagram Story that "we alllll knew it was gonna happen..." but unfortunately for us spectators, it looks like she's got him blocked on socials! Somebody send this girl a screenshot so we can watch her go off on two exes at once!

For now, Amanda the Barbarian is at rest, and she's moved on from Fessy-gate to tweet about this week's episode. But for how long are we safe? Will Fessy ever truly acknowledge this drama on his own socials? Will we identify the Mystery Tampa Woman? Will Amanda, uninhibited by her love for Fess, let loose on the likes of Josh and Kaycee?

I personally hope the aftershocks of this relationship explosion keep coming, and I'm not the only one:

[rich Embed]

We are Devin, Devin is us.

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