Give Oliver From 'The Bold Type' The Spinoff He Deserves

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Give Oliver From 'The Bold Type' The Spinoff He Deserves

Six episodes. That's all we get in Season 5 of The Bold Type. And in these six episodes, we need to tie up the loose ends unraveling onto the dot com pages of Scarlet magazine, which means, once Jane hits publish on her final article as "the future of Scarlet," as Jacqueline frequently likes to remind her, we need to think about what comes next. What aspirational stylists, writers, and activists will we be set up to root for in a possible spinoff?

Aside from Sutton, Jane, and Kat, which would be the obvious choices for a spinoff, there is one Scarlet employee who could use his own cover story, so to speak, and that's the legendary Oliver Grayson, y'all, played by Stephen Conrad Moore.

He's the mentor whose love is tough to earn, but once it's won, it's there to stay. Plus, his statement glasses set Tumblr pages alight every time he lifts them up for a real talk moment. Give this stylish and supportive boss the spinoff he deserves.

Sadly, there haven't been any rumblings about a Bold Type spinoff, but listen, if Younger can get one, maybe The Bold Type can, too.

Because we need a show focused around Oliver in his early twenties. Let's show him in his dad's pick-up truck in small town Oklahoma, flipping through the pages of Scarlet and dreaming of one day calling New York City his playground. Let's see him decide to uproot his life, move, and build a vibrant community of his own.

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