Every Time Jane Pulled A Wildly Out Of Pocket Work Move On 'The Bold Type'

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Every Time Jane Pulled A Wildly Out Of Pocket Work Move On 'The Bold Type'

Sad but true: The Bold Type is coming to an end, as is Jacqueline Carlyle's reign as the Editor-in-Chief of Scarlet Magazine. Jane Sloan, the editor of the magazine's vertical The Failing Feminist, and one third of the BFF trio fans have rooted for since The Bold Type's premiere in 2017, is primed to take over her slot. And while that is certainly a poetic way to end The Bold Type, which bows out later this summer, it also leaves me with quite a few questions.

Hell, if I worked at the fictional Scarlet Magazine, I would definitely be the one Slacking my co-workers "?????!?!!?!?!?" after that inevitable announcement.

Yes, this neurotic, tiny writer is undoubtedly lovable. (She never doesn't mean well.) Yet Jane's time at Scarlet Magazine was rife with drama, and frankly, she hasn't proven herself to be excellent at her current job. Certainly not excellent enough to fill Jacqueline Carlyle's shoes as she ramps up the speed on her office treadmill.

Love you, Jane, and not saying that EIC is a total pipe dream, however, it does feel like the show probably could have benefited from a time jump, allowing Jane to put some of her scandals in the rearview mirror and gain desperately needed management experience.

After all, how could we forget the many, many faux pas Jane made while working at Scarlet, like when...

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