Gabby and Rachel (spoilers)

I neverrrrrrrrr watch the bachelor live, but I did last night. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched!

Initially both of these ladies annoyed me in the way that reality show contestants often do. They were all in and googly eyed, and they couldn’t see what I was seeing - that Clayton was not only a dud but also saying the exact same things to everyone. Cue eye rolls. But also, and this is mean of me, and I’m embarrassed to say it, but their voices were strange to me. There’s something about reality tv that brings out the petty bad person in me.

Anyway, last night’s episode changed all that for me. These women deserve a damn award, and not to compete for the same 30 men. Why do abc and the show runners always get this wrong?! These women deserve their own moment to shine, dammit.

From me, Gabby gets the Comeback Kid award for having the wherewithal in the moment to give Clayton a piece of her mind. This is something I’m terrible at, so she utterly impressed me and became an instant icon.

Rachel, on the other hand, gets the Fire Under Pressure award for laying into Clayton on live tv and for starting the conversation with what should be my new mantra: “NONE OF THESE EMOTIONS ARE FOR OR ABOUT YOU.” she prepped with her therapist (just a guess), and I applaud that.

Anyway, what a 180 for me with these women. I’m glad that I can recognize my petty behavior and acknowledge that my judgment was wrong. Anyone else feel like this show brings out the petty in you?