24 'Baby-Sitters Club' Season 2 Easter Eggs Book Fans May Have Missed

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24 'Baby-Sitters Club' Season 2 Easter Eggs Book Fans May Have Missed

The nostalgia is real in The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2. Just like in Season 1, Netflix's charming adaptation of Ann M. Martin's seminal book series continues to strike just the right balance between modernizing the story so it's relatable to tweens and dropping just enough nods to the books to make the show's grownup fans cry tears of joy. From a sneaky cameo appearance from one BSC member who seems to have escaped the books' time loop to redemption for a former mean girl, the Easter eggs in The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 include every kind of reference you can imagine.

It's clear the show's writers know their stuff — which probably explains why this series is such a joy to watch. There's no detail too small to be incorporated into the show, and yes, that includes the many street names of Stoneybrook. In truth, catching every single Easter egg the writers and set decorators have planted is next to impossible unless you have an encyclopedic memory and an uncanny ability to pause Netflix at just the right moment. But hey, that's a perfect excuse to rewatch Season 2 ASAP, right?

Before you head back to Stoneybrook to launch your own Easter egg hunt with Kristy and the rest of the BSC, check out all the references I found on my first watch below.

1.Shannon Makes An Appearance (Sort Of)

You know, I wasn't expecting The Baby-Sitters Club to serve up any jaw-dropping twists, and yet, my jaw definitely hit the floor when Mrs. Delaney revealed herself to be none other than Shannon. Yes, Shannon as in Shannon Kilbourne, one of the BSC's associate members and Kristy's first friend in her new neighborhood.

The only explanation I have for this twist is that Shannon somehow escaped the books' time loop to actually become an adult. And while it sucks she won't be joining the club since she's a grown woman somehow, at least David Michael still named the Thomas-Brewer family's new puppy after her.

2. Kristy Visits Amanda Delaney

Amanda Delaney features prominently in Kristy and the Snobs the book and the episode. Although, she is a bit older this time around, seeing as how she's one of Karen's besties in the book series.

3. Mrs. Delaney Is Awfully Judgmental For Someone With A Realtor Past

Mrs. Delaney gets her snob on while talking about how Watson and Elizabeth met, which is pretty rich since she was actually a Stoneybrook realtor just like Elizabeth in another life.

4. Ashley Wyeth Is Still The Coolest

In the book version of Claudia and the New Girl, Ashley Wyeth is quite literally too cool for school. She even tries to get Claud to leave the club to focus on her art full time. However, Ashley gets a major 21st century makeover on the show. Now she's an influencer who marches for social justice and uses her powers for good. As Dawn says, "This isn't like an '80s movie. Coolness and cruelty are no longer synonymous."

5. Kid Kits Make An Appearance

Even though the Kid Kits haven't been given an origin story, they make several appearances throughout Season 2.

6. Claudia & Mallory Get Off To A Rocky Start

Mallory and Claudia's road to friendship is a rocky one on the show, but the two also clashed in Hello, Mallory! when Claudia was too tough on the club's junior member during her first trial babysitting job. Only in the book, Mal formed her own club with Jessi when she suspected the older girls would never take her seriously.

7. Stacey Is A Math Whiz

Stacey's math teacher is obsessed with her star student, proving every iteration of Stace is smarter than me.

8. Mrs. Papadakis Is A Regular Client

Mrs. Papadakis, who tries to bid on the baby basket Kristy wants for her mom and Watson, is a frequent client in the book series.

9. Stacey Faces A Health Crisis

The progress that's been made in treating juvenile diabetes since the '80s, means Stacey didn't land in the hospital when her sugar went all wonky, like she did in the book, but she still has a serious scare at the fashion show.

10. Jessi's Dance Teacher Should Sound Familiar

Madame Noelle is Jessi's tough Stamford dance teacher, and just like on the show, Jessi contemplates giving up dance when she realizes she's not at the top of her class.

11. A Special Someone Lives On Kimball Street

Could that stop sign on Edgarstone and Kimball be pointing toward the introduction of Bart Taylor? Edgarstone happens to be the street where Kristy's future boyfriend lives, while Kimball is home to the Johanssen family.

12. Jessi Was Actually In A Production Of The Nutcracker

I have no idea whether or not Mal cried, but Jessi did land the role of Clara in a production of The Nutcracker.

13. Derek Gets A 21st Century Update

While Derek was once a TV star, he's now a YouTube and TikTok sensation, but he's still wise beyond his years (and in need of some time when he can just be a kid).

14. Logan's Gift Is A Nod To The Books

In honor of asking her to be his girlfriend, Logan gives Mary Anne a bracelet featuring a heart. And you better believe this OG Logan and Mary Anne fan squealed, because that's the exact same gift he gives her when they start going steady in the books.

15. The Secret Passageway Makes An Appearance

The secret passageway in Dawn's house finally makes an appearance, but the ghost of Jared Mullray was sorely missed.

16. There's A Nod To Vanessa's Rhyming Skills

Vanessa, who famously speaks only in rhyme, has moved on to Nietzsche and existential dread in Season 2.

17. Dawn's Neat Freak Side Gets A Mention

Dawn is only a neat freak for about half of the book series, so the writers deserve extra credit for making her extra tidy in "Dawn and the Wicked Stepsister."

18. The Schafers & Spiers' Different Tastes In Food Causes Conflict In The Books

Back in the day, the Schafers were all about that tofu life, while Richard and Mary Anne's love of bacon caused some major conflict when the families first combined. However, on the show, it's Dawn and her mom's love of all things spicy that causes a tiny bit of drama as Dawn adjusts to sharing her house and her mom with the Spiers and their low heat tolerance.

19. Mimi's Special Tea

One of the things Claudia can't stop thinking about when she loses Mimi is how no one will make her special tea anymore, so having Mimi pass the tradition on to her granddaughter is an extra special detail.

20. Claudia & Janine Clash Over Mimi's Things

Just like in the book, Claudia and Janine get into a fight when Janine goes through Mimi's things after her death. But the show turns the moment into one of sisterly bonding when Janine shares she's dating Ashley.

21. Mimi The Ambulance Chaser Checks Out

Claudia's story about Mimi chasing an ambulance sounds out of character for her gentle grandmother, but it totally checks out. She shares a similar memory in the book version of Claudia and the Sad Goodbye. Clearly, Mimi was a woman with layers.

22. The Shoe/Costume Debate Actually Happens

That hideous orange shoe and pink costume debacle is straight from the pages of Kristy and the Baby Parade.

23. That Shoe Float Was Always Doomed

Likewise, that shoe float was doomed from the start thanks to poor execution from the girl. It was also an unmitigated disaster in the book.

24. Bonus: The OG Theme Song

Okay, technically this one wasn't in the books, but when the Netflix series broke out the theme song from the original '90s show, this BSC fan was sobbing.

Did you spot in Easter egg moments I missed? Because there's no doubt Season 2 was jam-packed with references.


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