Who Killed Xavier On 'The Afterparty'? Let's Round Up The Suspects

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Who Killed Xavier On 'The Afterparty'? Let's Round Up The Suspects

Who among us wouldn't want to at least hypothetically kill a Xavier on The Afterparty? The rich kid you went to high school with who changed his name from Eugene to Xavier and became famous for his song, "X Marks the G-Spot." Who arrives at your 15-year high school reunion in a helicopter wearing no shirt underneath his suit jacket? Nearly every suspect has a motive on The Afterparty if not for interpersonal reasons, simply because of who Dave Franco's character is. (Sorry, Dave Franco — it's not you, it's Xavier.)

But let's be like Tiffany Haddish and do a detective deep dive on who could have killed Xavier on The Afterparty.

Spoilers ahead for Episodes 1-3 of The Afterparty.


Sam Richardson's character is the first and main suspect in the investigation, which makes him too much of an obvious choice. Plus, if he really did kill Xavier, would he be using all of his escape room skills to try to solve the murder? But let's look at the facts leading up to the murder.

He was jealous of Xavier spending time with Zoe. And both arthouse auteur wannabe Indigo and his buddy Yasper say he went upstairs to talk to Xavier right before he was pushed to his death because he assumed that Xavier was the one who put a ski stacked with beer on top of him. Plus, Aniq was so intoxicated (not just from the weed gummy, whisky, and wine — but from Chelsea's X-marked flask, too) that he drank a candle and had just been blacked out. So maybe he doesn't remember exactly what he did to Xavier when he went to confront him.


As Zoe's estranged spouse, Brett the part-time volunteer firefighter, has got some beef with Xavier. According to Aniq's fuzzy memory, Brett proclaimed, "Dead," when he saw Xavier with Zoe on the balcony. But in Brett's retelling, he says, "I'm dead," since Zoe was mad at him. Brett did admit to throwing Xavier's hat off the balcony after threatening to punch him... but then, the tough guy backed down.

Brett claims he was sneaking his daughter out of the party when Xavier died, which does seem pretty believable... especially since he was so desperate to get to m that he used the excuse that he shit his pants And the hot head being the murderer is too predictable. So if Brett's not the murderer, then the real mystery is how the audience is supposed to believe that Ike Barinholtz graduated high school in 2006.


I truly have a hard time believing that Ben Schwartz's AV guy with big dreams did this. But that's precisely why I've got to investigate him!

Yasper wanted Xavier to "bless his track," so that he could reach music superstardom. Yasper pretty much blew him off ("Yeah, Sure, Whatever"), but their last text exchange did seem to give Yasper some hope that Xavier would collab with him. So it would've worked against Yasper's best interests to kill Xavier. And he knew about the camera system in Xavier's house and proved he writes his Es differently than the person who wrote "diarrhea" on Aniq's neck. But to play devil's advocate... Yasper has been extremely supportive of clearing Aniq's name, arguably too supportive. Could he be motivated by some sort of guilt? And he's so tech savvy, maybe he'd be capable of covering up his tracks.


Don't underestimate an overlooked man. No one remembers him and every time he gets a moment of attention, he's instantly dismissed. He might seem nice now, but that built-up resentment could have led him to act out in a dramatic fashion against the most popular person at the party. Oh, poor, sad Walt.


According to Yasper's version of the story, Chelsea mentioned being angry about a St. Patrick's Day party and said, "He's gonna be sorry." Yasper thinks she wrote the "revenge" note and she also had some alone time (complete with a Jack Nicholson devilish face) with Xavier at the party. But the most important factor is that Chelsea's X-marked flask, the contents which had incapacitated Aniq, was found near Xavier's body

Jennifer 2

Jennifer 2 is being considered another victim at the end of Episode 3 because she's missing. But what if she fled the house because she's the murderer? And if I'm going down this conspiracy theory path, how do we even know she's really pregnant, huh?!


Not a lot of screentime doesn't necessarily mean not guilty. Could a man who put the ski of beer on Aniq also be guilty of murder? He panicked talking to Detective Danner during Indigo's retelling, saying the bathroom was occupied by someone "dropping a deuce." Perhaps, the deuce was a lie, covering up for Ned's nefarious deeds.

Jennifer 1

At the end of Episode 3, Jennifer 1 is upset about her missing friend. But she was all about pointing the finger at Aniq in Episode 1. I could totally see Jennifer 1 and her husband Ned being up to something together... but would it be murdering Xavier? They don't have a clear motive, so maybe Xavier just got caught in their crime crosshairs.


After she accused Aniq of being guilty in her arthouse movie mind, Indigo kind of faded into the background. Does she know more than she's letting on? Was she lying about Aniq because she's the one who pushed Xavier?

Quiet Heather & Mr. Shapiro

These two have been banging all around the suspects all night. Even if they have been a bit too distracted for murder, let's not let them off the hook just yet.


Three episodes in, my vote on who's the killer is the star of Aniq's romcom — Zoe. She already had been with Xavier on the balcony, so she knows the layout of his house. And from Brett's perspective, she also didn't appreciate that he and Xavair were using her as a pawn. She also allegedly said about Xavier, "Ew, he sucks." However, since that was from Brett's memory, take that one with a grain of salt.

But she refused to write "diarrhea" when Aniq asked her, which is extremely suspicious. She was frantically writing on a napkin when the detectives came in Episode 1 and, in Yasper's memory, she displayed some odd behavior, claiming, "All for one and fuck them all." With so many men projecting things onto her, she seems too good to be true... and she's definitely hiding something.


I probably shouldn't accuse the adorable 6-year-old of murder. But when that 6-year-old was allegedly sleeping in the car when Xavier fell to his death, you have to at least throw the possibility out there.

Even with all of these suspects, the possibility remains that Detective Danner is wrong and it was a suicide or accident. But... how does that explain the blonde wig that was found near his body?! So until it's last call at this afterparty, it seems the murderer is still at large.

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