What's Mr. Shapiro's Deal In 'The Afterparty'? Don't Trust The Science Teacher

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What's Mr. Shapiro's Deal In 'The Afterparty'? Don't Trust The Science Teacher

In murder mysteries, everyone's a suspect and whathaveyou. So while Tiffany Haddish is more distracted by Xavier's former classmates in The Afterparty, there's another character that I have my eye on. He may not have attended high school with Xavier, but Mr. Shapiro on The Afterparty is shady AF. And I'm not going to let this Hillmount High science teacher get away with Xavier's murder on The Afterparty... or whatever the hell he's up to.

Mr. Shapiro first came onto the scene in Aniq's retelling of the night. While living his romcom dream with art-teacher-turned-vice-principal Zoe, they stumble on Mr. Shapiro getting it on with Quiet Heather in the confiscated drugs cabinet in the teachers' lounge. As his boss, Zoe says she's going to have to have a talk with him on Monday.

In Episodes 2 and 3, Mr. Shapiro and Quiet Heather pop up again when both Brett and Yasper witnessed their sexual shenanigans in a bedroom at Xavier's afterparty. As long as Mr. Shapiro didn't engage in sexual activities with Quiet Heather back in high school, I guess this is all technically aboveboard. But, c'mon, it's still eyebrow-raising behavior.

Mr. Shapiro wasn't in the room with all the suspects when Haddish's Detective Danner and John Early's Detective Culp strolled into Xavier's home to interrogate them. So he and Quiet Heather could have left the party before Xavier's murder. But her name isn't "Quiet Heather" for nothing! Could these two be hiding in the house somewhere? If there are hidden cameras in movie posters, there's got to be lots of secret spots in this house. Knowing what a freak he is, maybe he was the one wearing the blonde wig that was found by Xavier's body.

When it comes to Mr. Shapiro and his suspicious actions, anything's possible. So somebody watch out for Quiet Heather because she could be the next victim.

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