Amazon's 'Tell Me Your Secrets' Trailer Is Full Of Murders, Secret Identities, & Manhunts (Oh My!)

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Amazon's 'Tell Me Your Secrets' Trailer Is Full Of Murders, Secret Identities, & Manhunts (Oh My!)

Sharp Objects and The Undoing fans rejoice, for there is a new show joining the "white woman caught in a sadistic murder mystery" genre. On Wednesday, Jan. 27, Amazon Prime Video dropped the trailer for Tell Me Your Secrets, a new thriller created by from the producers of Big Little Lies, and I'm already desperate for spoilers.

The first trailer for Tell Me Your Secrets introduces the story of Emma (Lily Rabe), a woman who, after a violent past, is entering witness protection. She's haunted bymemories of a murder by hammer, though whether or not the events she remembers are real is unclear. Elsewhere there's Mary (Amy Brenneman), a woman desperate to get justice for her daughter who went missing 7 years ago. She believes Emma is somehow responsible, and, per the official description, hires "formal serial predator desperate to find redemption" John (Hamish Linklater) to track her down. You know, like normal people do. Oh, and there's also two girls who are murdered in Emma's new town, and she wants to investigate.

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So, to recap, the trailer sets up two potential murder mysteries, a manhunt, a predator, and a secret identity. I. AM. IN.

The 10-episode series doesn't premiere until Feb. 19, and I am already desperate to know what the hell happens. (Yes, I did read spoilers for Big Little Lies and The Undoing, and no, I don't regret it.) Unfortunately, unlike those HBO hits, Tell Me Your Secret is not based on a book, and thus, has yet to be spoiled in detail on Wikipedia. In the meantime, I've examined the trailer and found a few important details that might give some hints as to where the show ends up.

Emma Served Time Before Witness Protection

Image: Amazon Prime Video/YouTube

At the start of the trailer, "Emma" is given her new identity and told she's going into protective custody in what looks like some kind of sterilized room. The door behind her says "Release Process-" — release from where? Elsewhere in the trailer, Mary says that her daughter went missing seven years ago, and she has a wall dedicated to tracking down Emma includes newspaper clippings suggesting that Emma was on trial for murder. "Cold-Eyed Killer Withdraws Testimony," reads one article.

Image: Amazon Prime Video/YouTubeAAY]]]]]

My theory is that Emma — or whatever she used to be called — was somehow involved in a gruesome murder seven or so years ago, around the time Mary's daughter disappeared. She's traumatized and has only vague memories of what happened, but helped put the person responsible behind bars, thus earning her a spot in witness protection after a seven-year sentence.

Emma & John Have A Connection

Image: Amazon Prime Video/YouTube

There's a moment in the trailer when John, who has declared himself reformed after prison, holds up what looks like a cross-shaped joint on fire (or just a paper cross). Earlier, Emma holds something similar, suggesting a possible connection between the two. I'm guessing John isn't helping Mary find her daughter out of the kindness of his heart. He must have his own motives to find Emma that we don't know about yet.

Emma Didn't Actually Kill Anyone

Image: Amazon Prime Video/YouTube

The trailer opens with a dream-like sequence of Emma seemingly killing this unnamed woman, but I think this is just proof that she isn't really a murderer, even if she's not sure herself. If I've learned anything from Sharp Objects and The Undoing, it's that flashbacks and memories aren't always what they seem. So, if Emma is having dreams where she murders people, it's probably proof of something else entirely.

Or maybe Emma is a cold-blooded killer. Now that would be a real twist.


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