Nate's Grey Hair On 'Ted Lasso' Was Foreshadowed Without Us Realizing It

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Nate's Grey Hair On 'Ted Lasso' Was Foreshadowed Without Us Realizing It

If Nate's Season 2 transformation on Ted Lasso was just an ANTM-approved makeover, it would be far easier to swallow. But, of course, the feel-good comedy made audiences feel collectively bad after aligning with Nate the Great in Season 1, only to see him fall from so far from grace (presumably straight into a pit of Just For Men). But as we watched Nate emotionally morph into a villain in Season 2, we also saw him physically morph into a villain, topping off the season by donning a black suit that would make any Malfoy proud and sporting a head full of grey. But why, exactly, did Nate's hair turn grey?

How did we go from this in Season 2, Episode 1...

To this in Season 2, Episode 12?

(I should note, these are also the first and last frames of Season 2.)

Nick Mohammad, the actor who plays Nate on the series, tweeted about Nick's arc following Season 2's conclusion, and called out his character's new look, which came in the form of a wig: "In the way bitterness, guilt, shame, and stress can often change someone's appearance, they thought it would be fun to track Nate's spiral in this way."

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Indeed, it seems that Ted Lasso was trying to point to stress as the culprit, even sliding in this seemingly throwaway line in Episode 10, which could correlate to Nick's problems:

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