Nate's Betrayal On 'Ted Lasso' Has Been A Long Time Coming

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Nate's Betrayal On 'Ted Lasso' Has Been A Long Time Coming

Spoilers ahead for Ted Lasso, "Midnight Train to Royston."

Revealing a secret told in Diamond Dog confidence is a low blow. But leaking that secret to the press to take down Ted is an entirely new level of low. Nate betrayed Ted on Ted Lasso by telling Trent Crimm, of The Independent, that Ted left the quarter-final FA Cup game early because he was experiencing a panic attack. Nate's been a disgruntled AFC Richmond employee throughout Season 2 and with his oddly aggressive mirror spit, this doesn't come entirely as a shock. ("Believe" may be on the wall of the locker room, but the writing's been on the wall that "Betrayal" was in the air.) But even with the warnings, Nate taking out his feelings of powerlessness on Ted — the person who saw his potential and promoted him to coach — isn't easy to watch.

Nate's been acting out this season when he perceives people making him feel small or inadequate. This is a trigger for him due to his relationship with his father (dads, am I right?) and he usually resorts to bullying people he feels superior to — like AFC Richmond player Colin or new kit manager Will. While someone with more self-assuredness would be able to laugh at the players teasing him in a collegial way, like with the Wunder Kid jersey in "Headspace," Nate lashed out on poor Will again. Because the jersey served as a reminder of how he misspoke on live TV... and the unflattering tweet and Dutch player Jan Maas's bluntness speaking directly to Nate's insecurities didn't help.

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