Will Keeley & Jamie Get Back Together On 'Ted Lasso'? She Asks Cautiously...

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Will Keeley & Jamie Get Back Together On 'Ted Lasso'? She Asks Cautiously...

Spoilers ahead for Ted Lasso, "No Weddings and a Funeral."

Even if you aren't the one grieving, death can bring out a lot of emotions. For Keeley on Ted Lasso, she got all the love thrown her way at Rebecca's father's funeral. Jamie told Keeley he loved her while she was in a fight with Roy. Seconds later, Roy told Keeley he loved her while apologizing for being a jerk. Roy and Keeley have been pretty solid all season, but Keeley didn't seem disinterested in the attention from Jamie. So, say it isn't so, but could Keeley and Jamie get back together on Ted Lasso?

Keeley's upset with Roy ahead of the funeral because he's belittling her thoughts on death. So when Jamie rolls into the funeral, looking respectful, she's not not impressed. Maybe it was simply because Jamie was wearing a shirt underneath his suit, but Keeley was attracted to Jamie before. So it stands to reason that she'd still be attracted to him sometimes.

During the funeral, Keeley catches Jamie staring at her in the pews, and afterward, at Rebecca's mom's house, Jamie makes his big proclamation. "I finally think I'm becoming the best version of meself — the kind of man that you always knew that I could be," Jamie says. "And I know that this is a mad shitty thing to do, but I love you, Keeley. Sorry."

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