Am I The Only One Shipping Ted Lasso & Dr. Sharon Fieldstone?

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Am I The Only One Shipping Ted Lasso & Dr. Sharon Fieldstone?

There is nothing quite like a good enemies-to-lovers ship. The early tension, the will-they-won't-they dance, the eventual so-wrong-it's-right coupling — it's all gold. And, as someone who is now firmly shipping Sharon and Ted on Ted Lasso, I'm crossing my fingers we'll get to see the trope in action very, very soon.

I'll admit, when Doctor Sharon Fieldstone first came onto Ted Lasso, I was not really feeling the chemistry there. The two were immediately suspicious of each other — Ted doesn't understand the need for therapists, Sharon didn't like his casual vibe in the workplace. Ted's folksy endearments and biscuits may have won over Rebecca in Season 1, but Sharon didn't appreciate Ted calling her "Doc," and she returned the magic biscuits because she doesn't eat sugar. Add to that Ted's insecurity at needing the help of a team psychologist in the first place, and you don't exactly have a recipe for romance.

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But, at the end of Season 2's second episode, it looked like the two had finally found some common ground, and, more importantly, mutual respect. Now that they've moved out of the hate phase of their relationship, hopefully we can get to the important stuff: the flirting.

The thing that makes Sharon and Ted so perfectly suited for this kind of enemies-to-lovers ship is that they both think they're in control. As the coach, Ted is in charge of making decisions for the team, and he's used to doing so relatively unquestioned. Sharon, on the other hand, is literally being paid to question those decisions. I'm honestly getting giddy just thinking about the kind of disagreements they might have in the future. Like, if Ted puts a player in an uncomfortable position on the field, or does something accidentally hurtful, and Sharon has to go against him. (Chills. I have chills.)

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