Dear Netflix, Can We Have A Bear 'Sweet Tooth' Spinoff, Please?

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Dear Netflix, Can We Have A Bear 'Sweet Tooth' Spinoff, Please?

Hey, Netflix, I know it's a bit early to be talking about Sweet Tooth spinoffs, but Bear needs her own show, STAT. From the moment Bear and her Mad Max-style crew of lost boys and girls walked into Jepp and Gus' lives, Stefania LaVie Owen started stealing scenes left, right, and center. Owen's ability to mix vulnerability with bravado made Bear an instant standout, and now I can't stop thinking about her backstory. (Warning: I'm gonna talk about all of Season 1, so if you haven't finished the show, stop now and come back when you're OK with being spoiled.)

Over the course of Season 1, the show offers up the broad strokes of her apocalypse journey. It is established that Bear's real name is Becky, and she's been searching for her baby sister (Wendy!) since the day the First Men came to take her away. But along the way she built a tribe of like-minded kids who created their own Neverland in hopes of protecting hybrids from the cruelty of adults.

If that's not the perfect set up for a prequel series then nothing is. Sweet Tooth gives viewers little glimpses of Bear's life as the leader of a teenage, animal-loving militia, but I need more. How long was Bear on her own before she met Tiger? When did they first launch their mission to save hybrids from the First Men? How did they get so good at fighting — I mean video games can only take you so far, right?

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