Andrea's Girlfriend Lexi Is No Stranger To Bravo Reality Shows

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Andrea's Girlfriend Lexi Is No Stranger To Bravo Reality Shows

While we already know that Paige ends up with Craig, all season we've been seeing a love triangle play out between Paige, Craig, and Andrea. In the Summer House First Look that dropped way back in December, we saw a distraught Andrea crying over who we only assumed was Paige. Except... it's not Paige. It's Andrea's actual girlfriend that brings him to tears in the Hamptons home.

Our Italian stallion revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he was dating someone named Lexi before Summer House and broke things off with her to pursue Paige. He realized the error of his ways during the summer, apparently, and that's why he was crying in the clip we all saw late last year. He also confirmed to ET that she is (currently!) his girlfriend. So who is Lexi Sundin? Let's investigate.

She's a model

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But not like an influencer model, like a model-model, walking in New York Fashion Week. She also has the same management team as Andrea, so maybe this is how they met?

She was on Project Runway

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She is already used to the Bravo world because she was on Season 17 of Project Runway. She even made it all the way to the finale!

She likes to travel

Image: Instagram,@lexisundin

While I'm sure Lexi travels a bunch for work, she seems to really enjoy it since she has a whole highlight reel devoted to her travels.

She was on the cover of a magazine

Lexi was on the cover of Equestrian Living. Like I said, a model-model. Now, is she a horse girl?

She's been modeling a while.

Image: Explore Talent

Her Explore Talent page tells us that she started modeling in 2003. It also says that "I can also remove my braces for any project" just in case anyone was wondering how updated it is.

She played volleyball in high school

She was a middle hitter, which means she was the tall one who stands in the center and spikes the ball.

She's a Pisces

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Her birthday is February 25, making her a Pisces. Pisces are known for being emotionally sensitive, gracious, and emotionally aware.

We had already reported that Andrea would not be in Winter House because he "met someone special" and now we know who that someone special is. Hopefully we can meet her on Summer House Season 7.

Images: Instagram, @lexisundin

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