Who Has The Better Candle Line, Craig or Luke? It's A War Of The Wicks

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Who Has The Better Candle Line, Craig or Luke? It's A War Of The Wicks

Candles in 2022 are what alcohol brands were to Bravolebrities in 2011. It just seems like everyone is coming out with one! We have Karen Huger's three-wick candle versus Wendy Osefo's one-wick candle over on the Real Housewives of Potomac and now we have Craig Conover's Sewing Down South candles versus Luke Gulbranson's R_Co candles. It's Summer House against Southern Charm, both on and off-screen.

Sure, both men are "candlemakers" but their approach and execution of the craft really couldn't be more different. They come at their businesses and their scents from very different angles. And I should know: I spent time and money figuring it all out!

So, of Craig versus Luke, who has the best candle?

Who, among these men, can pour hot wax into a glass and make magic happen? Who, among these men, is really in touch with what a cupcake smells like, and what Minnesota smells like? Who, among these two, knows how to box a candle and mail it? I had to find out.

(Also, do we think they talked about candles during Winter House? If that footage is on the cutting room floor, I need it asap. There is nothing we should take more seriously than wax, essential oils, and fire.)

OK, let the comparing begin!

Their Websites

Sewing Down South (Craig)

To state the obvious, Craig's website for Sewing Down South is very cutesy. It's very southern, it's very welcoming, and it's very basic. Now, I know people tend to use the term "basic" to mean something lame or unoriginal, so let me clarify: I don't mean basic here in a bad way! I simply think the site is just very traditional and very commercial.

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