Everything The Cast Has Said About Kyle & Amanda's Relationship Is So Brutal

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Everything The Cast Has Said About Kyle & Amanda's Relationship Is So Brutal

Summer House has always been the light and easy breezy Bravo show that I need, one that counteracts the heaviness that can be The Real Housewives. On Summer House, no one is being indicted, no one is getting divorced; it's just a few 30-somethings throwing theme parties in the Hamptons. Sure they have their arguments and there is drama, but at the end of the day, it's not rooted in darkness, like, let's say Vanderpump Rules is. But there seems to be a shift this year, and it's mainly because of Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke.

We are seeing a side to them that, I guess we have seen in previous seasons, but not to this extent, and certainly not two months out from their wedding.

Looking back on Vanderpump Rules, and Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz's wedding, I can't recall anyone in the cast really saying that they shouldn't go through with it. Who knows, maybe the cast really believed in Katie in Tom, despite the cheating, Tom's inability to grow up, and the blatant unhappiness in Katie's eyes.

But on Summer House? Every cast member has an opinion about Amanda and Kyle, and they are not afraid to air their grievances.

What's surprised me more than this shift in the overall vibe of Summer House this season, is the way the rest of the casemates have been soooo vocal about what is going on with Kyle and Amanda. It's kinda shocking what each has said.

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