Who's Back In 'Summer House'? 'Hot Off The Mess' Digs In

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Who's Back In 'Summer House'? 'Hot Off The Mess' Digs In

This weekend, we celebrated our independence... and the Summer House cast's return to the Hamptons. And Hot Off The Mess host Samantha Bush is here to let you know who's in, who hasn't arrived yet, and who crashed a party bus black-out drunk wearing neon ski goggles. (It's Kyle, guys. Of course it's Kyle.)

Listen below to find out everything that we know about the series so far, including whether Robert's tagging along, who Luke is hanging with in Minnesota, and an update on whether Lindsay's rumored new boyfriend is joining the house, thanks to some serious Instagram detective work.

Grab your Loverboys (Mango Peach Spritz, if you have it, of course), and get amped for what's sure to be a great season ahead!

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