'Summer House' Season 6 Predictions, Based On What We Know So Far

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'Summer House' Season 6 Predictions, Based On What We Know So Far

Not many of you may know this about me but like, I have been told by multiple psychics and empaths that I have "witch like" intuition, and I am really leaning into that recently. So I thought, why not use my powers to predict what the fuck we could be getting out of Season 6 of Summer House.

Now, we know how I feel about Hannah not being on Season 6. While I get it, and I get while people do not like her, I feel like she added a lot to the show in terms of storyline and moving things along. But we've been over that. So, without Hannah, here's what Season 6 might look like.

Carl Is More Of A "Friend Of"

Listen, I love me some Carlito, but after doing some ~light~ investigating on Instagram I feel he's not as around as he was in seasons prior. Now in no way shape or form do I want this to be true – he is the dreamiest little dreamboat on television. And also keep in mind he is sober now, and that seems to be such an important thing to him and I can't imagine him wanting to be around the intense partying 24/7. That feels like it could be difficult.

He also seems to be doing a lot of hustling for Loverboy during the week, which involves traveling, and that is exhausting in itself, so adding a trip to the Hamptons for three days to film a reality show just sounds like a lot.

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