The Finale Set Up A Season 7 Storyline That I Did Not See Coming

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The Finale Set Up A Season 7 Storyline That I Did Not See Coming

All good things must come to an end, and after many amazing weeks, we had to bid farewell to Summer House last night, and yes I know we still have the reunion to look forward to, but this season was the best season yet, and I'm sad it's over! There were love triangles, glasses thrown, drama brought in from Charleston, and budding romance from year long friendships. We got it all. And then we got... whatever that finale was. Listen, I get that this wedding has been years in the making, but overall... the whole episode was very lackluster. Kind of ended this season on a whimper. Truthfully the only thing that kept me engaged was knowing we have an exciting reunion ahead of us and how beautiful Amanda Batula looked.

We just got the trailer for the Summer House Reunion, and it ended with Andy Cohen telling Paige DeSorbo that she hasn't made eye contact once with Lindsay Hubbard (who was sitting right next to her)... which was shocking and confusing, especially after this finale, where Lindsay and Paige had a really sweet moment together at the prom. Lindsay was super happy for Paige about Craig Conover surprising her, and they seemed to be really supportive of one another. Paige even explained more of what she was trying to say at the dinner when Kyle lost his mind, that "it doesn't matter if you are going from guy to guy, we are trying. We are trying our damn best." And they exchange I love yous and hug and things seemed good.

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