It's Time To Leave Lindsay Hubbard Alone!

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It's Time To Leave Lindsay Hubbard Alone!

It's our last weekend at the Summer House (not the finale, thank god), and guys I'm not ready to say goodbye to this McMansion filled with horrible Home Goods art. The things this house has seen over the course of these last few weeks... I mean, this house literally had to bear witness to Austen Kroll. Truthfully, we are all entitled to compensation after having to endure that whole mess. And we are still feeling the residual effects. Like Craig Conover said, Austen's behavior "made waves that went outside of that house." It sure did Craig, it sure did.

We pick up where we left off last week with Amanda Batula attempting to have a deep, introspective chit chat with Lindsay Hubbard next to grapevines, and she is not having it and I don't blame her necessarily. Or Amanda.

What I think Amanda is trying to get across to Lindsay is that no matter how much you say "this is the best summer of my life," it certainly doesn't seem like it, and diving "into the deep end" with every man you meet sounds emotionally exhausting and draining. Amanda says in a confessional, "crying and being disappointed with all these different people, doesn't sound like fun to me." Why waste this much energy on men who mean nothing, on men who you don't know. And I gotta say, when Lindsay starts talking about the universe and doors... Amanda's face is like yeah, wow, this was not the time or place to do all this.

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