'Summer House' Recap: The Lover Boys Are Now Fighter Boys

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'Summer House' Recap: The Lover Boys Are Now Fighter Boys

I feel like every week I start this recap with, “This was the best episode of Summer House yet!” and I know I will probably do the same next week, but these kids just keep delivering. Every episode holds all these little new exciting drama nuggets for us to enjoy. They are giving us Love Island meets Real World meets COVID and I honestly hope Bravo sticks to this format next year. Let's dive into Summer House Episode 8, "Crawl Me Mabye" (lol).

We start off with the girls preparing for girls' night with their CVS face masks, matching ivory robes, fuzzy slippers, and gossip. Meanwhile, the guys prepare for guys' night... aka they don’t have to do anything except be dudes.

Now, we have been spoiled with the guys' nights over in Jersey. We have gotten used to the guys' nights where they sit around big wooden tables, smoke cigars and talk about wtf their wives are up to. But these guys, no. They are shotgunning Loverboys, peeing in the bushes and playing beer pong on what looks like a Kyle Cooke-sized table. And I love every second of it. Especially when they all decide to take of their shirts. Carl looks especially good.

Right away, the guys try to see who can chug a beer faster… I truly don’t understand men. I wanted to be disgusted but they’re all so damn good looking I really couldn’t be (too much). And Luke, the pseudo alpha male he is, brags he can do it then dumps it all over himself. HEHE. I laughed a little bit. He also is giving me Prince Charming from Shrek mixed with Midwestern Mechanic vibes and I don’t hate it which is something I should probably take some time to unpack later.

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