I'm Disturbed To A Point That I'm Extremely Uncomfortable

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I'm Disturbed To A Point That I'm Extremely Uncomfortable

Let me start by saying, this episode is why I love Summer House so much. There were times I cringed, times I laughed, but there were also really nice vulnerable moments between a group of friends who actually care about one another. Of course, some are closer than others, but still, it's just the fucking best. And after Sunday nights spent with Euphoria and Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, I needed this little sweet treat, something easily digestible that actually allows me to sleep well at night. Well, not completely, I haven't forgotten Alex Wach's dance moves in his leather harness, that will be burned in my brain forever.

But we left off with Danielle Olivera telling Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller about the conversation she had earlier that day with Kyle Cooke, where he referred to Amanda Batula as a bitch multiple times and said they only have one thing in common, and that is Loveboy (which, if you haven't tried their new Cosmo flavor, please read this review).

Finally, Paige said what I have been waiting for her to: she finally acknowledged that is she in their wedding and she is a bridesmaid, so the pressure when she gets told this kind of information (and having seen how Kymanda have been together the last few weeks in the house), Paige admits she is nervous about bringing up these concerns. In a confessional, she says: "I'm disturbed to a point that I'm extremely uncomfortable, Amanda deserves better than that." PERIOD.

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