Kyle's Stye Is Just Saying What We're All Thinking

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Kyle's Stye Is Just Saying What We're All Thinking

It's summer baby, and Andrea's shirts are getting lower while Kyle's stye is getting bigger. We are on episode 6 of Summer House and episode 3 of this stye, and I truly think Kyle's stye has gotten more screen time than Carl this season. I find myself constantly screaming at the TV (for multiple reasons), "PUT A WARM COMPRESS ON THAT THING." Because my God, it is horrendous to have to look at for 44 minutes. But it goes beyond just appearances. This stye has become a metaphor for Kyle's life... an infection just bubbling up at the surface until you can't see straight. Sound familiar? It's almost as if his body is rejecting this idea of marrying Amanda.

Heavy sigh.

I just don't even fucking know where to begin when it comes to the latest episode of Summer House. We are in Katie Maloney/Tom Schwartz territory when it comes to Kyle and Amanda's wedding. Meaning, we are watching all of these major red flags present themselves before a wedding we very well know they are going to go through with. So, let me say this: it is incredibly difficult to wrap my head around the fact that Amanda and Kyle actually got married. I get there are probably a lot of things that aren't shown in their relationship — the good times. And maybe some of it is shady editing here and there! But honestly, just from the reactions of the housemates, I have to think... if it's shaped like a flag and is red like a flag — it's probably a red fucking flag.

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