'Summer House' Does Something 'Southern Charm' Never Could

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'Summer House' Does Something 'Southern Charm' Never Could

It's wild to me that we are already on Episode 5 of Summer House... I feel like the season just started and already so much has happened. We found out Craig Conover was indeed banging Kristin Cavallari (even though she denies it), Kyle Cooke took out $4 million dollar loan for Loverboy, Amanda Batula had him sign a "don't get too drunk and act a fool, or else you're reimbursing my parents for the wedding" contract, Andrea Denver wants "little Paige" DeSorbo back, and Alex Wach eats 12 pounds of ground turkey a day.

BUT, before I get into my recap, let me start by saying that if my fiancé, someone I had been with for over five years, didn't get me a birthday present... shit if someone I dated for five months didn't get me a present, there would hell to fucking pay. So now that I got that off my chest, I can move forward.

What honestly surprised me the most, is that Kyle just accepted he didn't have a gift for Amanda. He didn't order something for her online really quick, Amazon Prime something to the house, or really... do anything except tell her (and her best friends) he didn't get her anything. And that is probably the worst part. He just accepts that she will accept the bare minimum, and as Amanda's #1 fan, I am frustrated for her, and sad for her. I want her to know that she isn't asking for much. She is asking for the bare minimum when it comes to this relationship, she wants him to hangout with her more and not talk about work, get a birthday present, not get black out and stay out til 4 a.m. and not answer her 27 calls. And he throws his hand up in the air and says "nothing I do makes her happy," well dude, you're not really doing anything.

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