The Summer House cast is too big this season, and Alex is paying the price.

Summer House has easily become one of my favorite shows not only on Bravo but in general. I love how they bring in new people every year while also keeping around our favorites but the cast size this year is overwhelming, and poor Alex is suffering. Is Alex the most interesting person to ever visit the Hamptons? Absolutely not but it's hard to shine in a cast where there's always 10+ people there.

The main cast at the moment is Paige, Danielle, Lindsay, Amanda, Ciara, Kyle, Mya, Carl, Alex, Andrea, and Luke. That's also not including the significant others, and Craig and Austen's constant need to pop in from time to time. This is just way too many people and storylines to keep up with for a show that's only new once a week. Carl has barely contributed anything to this season, I often forget Luke is there, and Alex has been completely edited out the past few weeks. I really do feel bad for Alex though because his Instagram shows that he's just as confused as us as to why he's not featured on the show anymore.

Does Summer House need to get rid of the extra weight and keep the cast size small? The extra people could always be "friends of" and visit but do we really a cast that is more than ten people?