What is up with bravo stars hosting Amazon lives?

It started over the pandemic and then it’s been a staple since. From Housewives, to Vanderpump rules stars, and now summer house stars. Paiges mom was talking about how she felt like she could only see her through her Amazon live. From Tom and Ariana to Lala and Kyle Richards and now Paige — Amazon live and Bravo clearly have some kind of a deal. But I wonder in the contract is it necessary for them to mention it on camera like they did on Vanderpump rules and now summer house? I also wonder if it’s similar to when a Housewife launches a line and bravo has a stake in it so they will promote it such as skinny girl with Bethenney. Or maybe I’m overthinking it but it’s come up too many times and there have been too many bravo stars that are hosting these things even Madison Lecroy from southern charm has had a few. I guess more importantly I wonder if I can host an Amazon live event and get a piece of the pie?