A 'Summer House' Reunion Wish List

Summer is coming to a close and I, for one, am devastated. I definitely think this season is one for the books. They have to be filming the reunion any day now since Danielle revealed in her interview with 'The Dipp' that her and Lindsay were texting about her reunion outfit. There has been so much drama, and tea, and beef, and ground turkey that we need to unpack in a way that only Andy Cohen knows how. Here's what I want to see:

- This may be a pipe-dream, but I want all my girlies to make up: Paige and Lindsay, Ciara and Lindsay, Ciara and Danielle. Us ladies have to stick together.

- Although I don't want Craig and Austen to be there, I bet they will be and I want them to be put on blast for gaslighting (Craig) and being stupid f boiz.

- Can we get more specifics about the whole Kristin Cavallari of it all?

- Details on how Lindsay and Carl got together and how it's going!

- How are Amanda and Kyle doing post wedding? 

- Talks of a baby? 

- Any proposals on the way (Lindsay/Carl, Paige/ Craig, Danielle/ Robert)? If we get a live proposal I might s*** myself.

- Craig said on WWHL that he didn't speak to Austin after his fight in 'Summer House' for two months...more on this beef between them.

- Maybe just to understand the anomaly that is Alex.

- Why did they say Alex wasn't at Lindsay's birthday when he so clearly was?

- Winter House teaser!

Did I miss anything?