Haven't We All Liked An "Austen"

It's easy to criticize Ciara because, like... Austen. But I do empathize with her because I have BEEN THERE.

I've actually liked a lot of "Austen's" in my lifetime. One guy bounced back and forth between me and this other girl for a long time and we were all in the same friend circle. Another guy was a complete and total dweeb and would say the same things Austen does, "What we have is so special. You check all the boxes." And then we would go out and he would flirt with every girl in the bar in front of me.

When I remember those times in my life, I had no self esteem whatsoever. I was desperate for the attention a guy would give me and would feel like I had to prove myself to him. Prove that I was funny, smart, a good time, etc. Now that I am in a healthy and happy relationship, I know I never needed to prove my worth to anyone. If they couldn't see it, they didn't deserve it.

I look back at those moments in my life and wonder, "what was I thinking!?" I hope Ciara has the same revelation one day.