Craig really thinks he hangs the moon

Watching wwhl and I CANNOT with Craig. They were playing a game and Paige and Craig were answering with what they thought the other would answer. The question was what is your partners biggest fear. Just biggest fear mind you in general. Not only does Craig decide to make it about ‘their relationship’ but he goes as far to say that Paige’s biggest fear is him ‘not liking her anymore’ and to top it off Paige’s answer was simply ‘heights’ LMAO. Who does this man think he is?! Paige got ANDREA hooked on her. Yes yes she loves him and their relationship and would be sad if they broke up blah blah blah but Craig better ask somebody LMAO. There’s other more accomplished men on Bravo alone not to mention the entire world that would absolutely show Paige the world. Humble thyself pillowboi. I said what I said.