Paige is overcompensating with this K. Cav situation

I’ll never like Craig. Ever. That’s just it. Wanted to get that out of the way.

Anyways watching Paige in her cute lil Polly Pocket outfit on WWHL and ofc they brought up K. Cav. As you know by now K. Cav and Craig hooked up and last night Craig said she was mad she got brought up on the show.

The first time, Paige chimes in to say ‘I still wear ALL her jewelry’ and I thought okay good women supporting women not letting stupid petty feuds win but then later on it gets brought up again and Paige very enthusiastically says she still wants to meet her. Come tf on Paige. I get that there’s no bad blood but it’s K. Cav… not Gwyneth Paltrow or somebody A list. She was for sure overcompensating to make it seem like she’s cool with what happened. Just an observation.