The most triggering convo this season

Surprisingly, it's not anything between Amanda and Kyle.

Instead, I'm still reeling from Paige's DTR talk with Craig last week. It hurt my soul to watch her try to get clarity on their exclusivity, only to back away from it when Craig said he'd prefer not to define it. "Yeah, yeah, I feel that way too" — I shuddered hearing her say that. Because we know she did not feel that way.

And because, we've all been there before. You feel like you have to act cool about whatever turn the relationship and the conversation about the relationship takes. Even if you are 100% not cool with it. I remember being in college and being TERRIFIED of being pegged "crazy relationship girl." You would feel immense shame about daring to have a conversation with a guy, so you just never did, even if that meant you would continue to be used. It gave the men all the power.

It's crazy that Paige is still the victim of this bullshit, even though she's in her 20s, and is WAY cooler than that potato. I am so sad knowing that this dynamic still exists. Why. Do. Men.